Why South Nashville?

where we work

Harvest Hands serves students who live or attend school in 1 of 5 neighborhoods in South Nashville: Napier-Sudekum, Chestnut Hill, Vine Hill, Woodbine, and Wedgewood-Houston.

Youth Violence

The Napier-Sudekum community, where the  majority of our students reside, is one of three districts in Nashville with the highest rates of violent incidents among youth.


Napier-Sudekum is home to the largest barracks style government housing complex in the United States. In the 2016-17 school year, 72% of our program participants lived in these government housing units, where the average household income is $6,533.

Lack of Access to Resources

Without access to transportation, many students do not have the opportunity to get an after school job, participate in their school sports teams, or experience life outside of their neighborhood.

youth violence summit

In 2016, a summit on youth violence was held in Nashville.  The Nashville Youth Violence Summit involved a wide array of court officials, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, business leaders, high school students representing every school in Davidson County, and more. The summit pointed to six priority areas to reduce youth violence: training and employment, meaningful youth engagement, health awareness and access, restorative justice and diversion, a safe environment, and education. Through all of our programming, we address each of these priority areas in order to meet our mission of cultivating holistic community development in our neighborhood.