Rachel Gowen | Coordinator of Elementary Programs

Rachel first interned with us in 2014 while she completed her Bachelor's degree in Social Work from Belmont. Since that time, she has taken on a number of roles with us. She's done everything from getting pied in the face to leading 60 kids in after-school activities. Rachel is the Coordinator of Elementary Programs, which, she loves because each student asks something different of her, so she’s constantly learning new ways that she is able to give.

On a day off, you can find Rachel outside; no matter the weather. You can also find her making things with her hands. She loves incorporating everyday things into creations that can be used practically and are aesthetically pleasing. Her most recent creation was a set of hanging triangles to put plants in. When asked what she’s currently listening to, Rachel will rattle off a long list of diverse music; the current list includes lots of Noah Gunderson and Phil Collins. Rachel’s infectious enthusiasm and constantly encouraging presence make life at Harvest Hands brighter and richer every day.