Mitchell Singer | Director of Healthy Living

As Director of Healthy Living, Mitch organizes sports leagues, fitness classes, and helps to create sports-centered job opportunities for youth in the neighborhood. Mitch loves that playing team sports offers a platform to teach valuable life skills and create meaningful relationships. He is incredibly grateful for the mentoring relationships he’s able to foster with students and their parents.

You can find Mitch dancing at "Motown Monday’s" every Monday night. Every other night of the week, he’s hanging out with his dog, Beorn, and probably a handful of people. Mitch studied Missions and Anthropology at Eastern University.  If you ask him what kind of music he’s listening to, he’ll tell you he can’t be pinned down--he likes it all. Mitch is easy going and always up for a good laugh, conversation, or competition. His persistent love for the people in the neighborhood is inspiring, and his determination and wit keep the Harvest Hands team on their toes, and we like that.