Jael Fuentes | Manager of Social Enterprise

Jael has been around Harvest Hands from the beginning. When her boys were younger, they took part in our after-school programs, and Jael and her family were an integral part of Harvest Hands in many ways. It was when we began to make soap, however, that Jael joined our staff team. She was instrumental in the shaping and growth of our social enterprises, and as they grew, her role grew, until we were certain that we couldn’t continue without her. Jael makes sure that all of the students involved with our social enterprises have a place and are doing their jobs with integrity and passion. Her job allows for her to incorporate her love for business and compassion for people. 

When Jael is not at Harvest Hands, she loves to garden and to cook good, wholesome food for her family. She has real knack for business and can fix most anything. Jael refers to herself as the “mom of Harvest Hands,” and we couldn’t agree more; her nurturing, patient, and wise spirit is a comfort and blessing to our team and our community.