Economic Development 

As Harvest Hands grew, we recognized that the middle and high school students involved in our after-school programs desired more than homework help, and we started to dream about how we could meet those desires. Humphreys Street Coffee Company and WOW! Soap were born to meet those desires - to give youth the opportunity to have a job that empowered them to earn money, acquire skills in customer service, marketing, and craftsmanship, and be mentored in their own neighborhood.

"We believe that changing the world begins with changing your own neighborhood, for us that means South Nashville! In our neighborhood, where drug use and violence are common, jobs and positive mentors are not. However, we are changing that everyday at Humphreys Street." - Rev. Brian Hicks, Founder & Executive Director

The dream was to empower youth through good coffee and handmade soap; to create viable businesses that students could be involved in, and to give them space to step into all that they are made to be.  Since 2008, the businesses have grown and changed to continue to see that dream realized. In February of 2016, we made the decision to merge the two companies into one - Humphreys Street Coffee & Soap.  The Humphreys Street you see today is a result of that merge.  We exist to craft exceptional products and invest in relationships that inspire beauty in the simple, everyday experience.