Rev. Brian Hicks | Executive Director

Since he was 20 years old, Brian has had the dream of working alongside people in community to further the Kingdom of God. That dream has become a reality in and through Harvest Hands. From the beginning, Brian has acted out of obedience to the desire and opportunities placed in front of him to lead and shape the organization that we have today.  Brian is the founder of Harvest Hands and serves as executive director. Which means we look to him to set vision and direction for the organization and to keep us accountable to our mission and values. Brian is a builder of relationships in all realms of Harvest Hands and loves connecting with people. 

He believes in Harvest Hands for a number of reasons, but something that is especially close to his heart is the idea of empowerment—to work alongside people to raise up leaders and individuals who are thriving and whole in order to build a community that is thriving and whole. This approach relies on the gifts and passions of everyone involved; it flows out of the inherent belief that everyone has something incredible to offer and giving people encouragement to live into those things. The prayer that Brian prays for his daughter is a prime example of this way of thinking and living. The prayer is that she “would not be afraid to take the risks that God has made her to take… not that she would live into my ideas or plans, but rather that she would embrace her unique ones—the ones she was made for.”

Brian loves being a husband to Courtney and dad to Brooklyn. When Brian was younger, his ultimate dream was to be a baseball player; he figures since he’s in his 40's now, he may have missed that window of opportunity. Brian loves to be outside, and a particular passion of his is finding an incredible (and not yet well-known) restaurant or coffee shop and sharing that with someone else. It’s like a treasure hunt. Brian’s genuine love of people and desire to live fully and well make him an excellent leader, and we are thankful to have him at the helm of operations.